Newcastle disease in pheasants fully contained says DEFRA

DEFRA HAS completed the cull of 10,240 pheasants infected with Newcastle disease on a farm in Surrey, according to Debbie Reynolds the chief veterinary officer.

The birds, which were imported from a game farm in France, were in a release pen when the game keeper became concerned at the health of several birds and submitted samples to a laboratory for diagnosis.

Once the disease was confirmed on July 15 DEFRA imposed infected area status around the farm stopping all movements of poultry and poultry related products within the area.

DEFRA is currently investigating other eight other farms in the area to ensure the disease was contained to the initial premises.

This investigation and the conclusion of cleansing practises at the infected farm are expected to be completed by August 1.

It will then be a minimum of six months before the UK then apply to regain Newcastle disease free status.

The European Union has not imposed any trade restrictions on either the UK or France following the confirmation of the disease.