Poultry industry recognises key players at Houses of Parliament

Last month saw the presentation of the British Poultry Council Annual Awards in the Members’ Dining Room of the House of Commons.

Richard Bailey from the University of East Anglia, who is undertaking a PhD as a CASE student with Aviagen, was presented with a poultry scholarship for his work on dysbacteriosis by Food Standards Agency chairwoman Deirdre Hutton.

The second scholarship was awarded to Tracey Jones, from the University of Oxford, for her research on the duck sector for DEFRA.

Next came the Charles Longley Award, which went to Colin Thompson of Moy Park for his work with the University of Lincoln in primary food production.

The first of three service awards went to Colin Aves from Paul Flatman for his contribution to the sector over the past 50 years.

Ian Harrison from Harrisons Poultry received the second service award for his 60 years in the sector and his efforts to support a successful poultry industry.

The third one went to John Preston from Faccenda, who was honoured for his extensive breeder knowledge and contributions to the broiler breeding sector.

Also in the broiler sector, Andrew Maunder’s work at 2 Sisters Willand promoting the British chicken sector and establishing the Devonshire Red brand earned him the Poultry Industry Marketing Award.

And finally, Peter Hewson, veterinary director with the Foods Standards Agency, was honoured with a special award for his work with the 2004 hygiene regulations and the modernisation of the Meat Hygiene Service.

See all the pictures from the awards on our picture gallery below.

 BPC 2  BPC3  BPC4
British Poultry Council chief executive Peter Bradnock gives the awards a final check Deirde Hutton with Colin Thompson of Moy Park and Keith Klenny. Colin received the Charles Longley Award Colin Aves of Paul Flatman received a service award
Ian Harrison from Harrisons Poultry also received a service award John Preston from Faccenda was the third recipient of a service award Andrew Maunder of 2 Sisters Willand is this year’s winner of the Poultry Industry Marketing Award
 BCP8  BCP10  BCP11
Peter Hewson of the Food Standards Agency wqs honoured with a special award Tracey Jones of the University of Oxford received a scholarship Richard Bailey from the University of East Anglia was presented with a scholarship






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