RSPCA urges shoppers against buying caged egg food

The RSPCA launched a brochure that lists retailers selling products made with non-cage eggs as part of its campaign to “stamp out battery cages” last weekend.

The animal welfare charity compiled the list from UK major retailers and manufacturers.  Products include ice cream, mayonnaise, custard, pasta and quiche. 

The RSPCA decided to compile the list after learning that 85% of eggs used in food products are laid by birds in cages.  The charity was concerned that consumers were being duped as food packaging did not specify what type of egg was included as an ingredient.  

RSPCA campaigner Chloe Alexander said: “Many people do the right thing and refuse to buy battery eggs because they are laid by hens kept in cruel conditions.  If all the people who insist on higher welfare eggs also insist that the ready-made food they buy only contains higher welfare eggs, we could free millions more hens from battery cages.”

The brochure, Eggs in Food Products – Be a Free-Ranger!, was published in late July and is available from the RSPCA website.