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6 top tips on free-range egg production for new entrants

As the market for free-range eggs continue to grow, more new entrants have been drawn into the sector, tempted by the relatively low start-up costs and potentially good margins. But…

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Case studies


How Stonegate stops aggressive pecking without beak trimming

Producer packer Stonegate has been recognised for its work with supermarket Waitrose to reduce the need for beak trimming – and boost flock health overall. Introducing enhanced management while birds…


Good grass pays dividends for free-range egg producer

Combining mixed growth rates with durability has led to better ranges for one free-range egg producer, as Philip Clarke discovers. As a farmer who runs a grass seed business, as…


Total organics delivers for Shropshire egg producer

When it comes to organic egg production there is no room for part measures, according to Shropshire producer Shane Brettell. Running 6,000 British Blacktail laying birds at Smethcote Manor, Hadnall,…


Get a glimpse of state-of-the-art egg packing centre

As Noble Foods pushes for more efficiency gains, Philip Clarke visits the firm's new Standlake free-range egg packing centre. Tight margins have become a fact of life in the ever-competitive…

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Is now the right time to go into poultry farming?

Consumer demand for eggs and poultrymeat have risen steadily over the past 10 years. Buoyant markets have already prompted hundreds of farmers to diversify into broiler and free-range egg production…

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Egg prices rise following surge in retail demand

Farmgate egg prices rose by 9% during the first three months of 2020, with further rises feeding through during April in response to a significant surge in retail demand during…


No alternatives to culling day old male chicks... yet

The UK egg sector says French and German plans to ban the culling of day-old male chicks are at best “ambitious”, though it acknowledges there is a consumer perception issue…


Egg contracts 'not worth the paper they are written on'

Work is under way to determine the fairness of free-range egg contracts. The British Free Range Egg Producers Association (Bfrepa) is calling on farmers to send in their contracts with…


Feed price increases erode egg producer margins

Free-range egg producers are calling for a farmgate price increase as the cost of feed continues to spiral. Heatwaves affecting many of Europe’s major wheat-growing nations have hit crop yields,…

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Campaigns market eggs to elderly and trendy youth

Two campaigns have been launched to promote eggs to the youngest and oldest generations. The first aims to raise awareness of the latest egg safety advice for vulnerable groups and remind caterers of their…

Egg week celebrates Hancock’s ‘go to work on an egg’ half ...

British Egg Week is to celebrate half a century since the iconic series of “go to work on an egg” adverts were first aired, alongside a wide range of activities aimed at…

Happy Egg takes advantage of US demand for non-cage eggs

Noble Foods has taken advantage of “massive growth” in non-caged egg demand in the US, with Happy Egg now the leading brand in the country's free-range category. The company has tripled…


Watch: Villagers feud with egg packer over new farm

A planning dispute has broken out in a Kent village characteristic of those across the country – local residents opposing the erection of a new poultry unit. This one, however,…

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