Joice and Hill takes over the hatching and sales of two key egg layer breeds

Joice and Hill Poultry will from 1 February 2009 take over the hatching and sales of Bovans Goldline and Dekalb Amberlink day-old chicks from Farm Fresh Hatchery.

The Cambridgeshire breeder and distributor has been producing all the hatching eggs for both hatcheries for the past three years and it believes this move will improve the efficiency and service to Bovans Goldline and Dekalb Amberlink customers in the north of England and Scotland.

Nick Bailey, managing director of Joice and Hill Poultry added that Blue Barns will remain as the point of contact for customers in Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland and will continue servicing their existing clients in Scotland. “From February, Blue Barns will exclusively source their day-old chicks from Joice and Hill Poultry.”

He continued: “We regret the ending of a long period of association with Farm Fresh, but with our partner Blue Barns, we will now be able to give a co-ordinated and efficient supply of quality day old chicks and after sales service to the whole of mainland UK.”

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