New weapon in fight against red mite

Poultry farmers have a new weapon in the battle against red mite.

Manufactured by farm hygiene specialists Johnson Diversey, Insectaway is specially formulated to control flies and crawling insects and is now approved for the control of red mite.

“Red mite is a major problem on poultry farms and notoriously difficult to control,” said the company’s Louise Womersley.

Insectaway is available as ready-to-use or in soluble sachets. It is a low-odour formulation combining the proven insecticides tetramethrin and permethrin, providing quick knock-down and long residual activity when used on surfaces.

The formulation’s solvent base ensures it adheres to surfaces, as well as in cracks and crevices. This is particularly important with mites that live in surface cracks, protecting them from other control methods.

“The strong formulation means less product is used at each application, making it economical,” Ms Womersley added. “It also helps save time as one application will provide protection for up to three months.”

A sachet can simply be dropped into a spray vessel containing the correct volume of water. It dissolves quickly, easily and completely, with no waste packaging, no spillage and the risk of over- or under-dosing is eliminated, she said.

Prices are £24 for a box of 25 x 10ml soluble sachets and under £39 for a five-litre ready-to-use pack.

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