Nigella Lawson’s husband finishes his egg diet

Following nine months of eating nothing but eggs, TV celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s husband Charles Saatchi has ended his diet after losing a total of five stones.

According to a recent report in The Daily Telegraph, Ms Lawson has revealed that she is now able to try some of her recipes on her husband after his strict regime ended.

“It was all about eggs, eggs and eggs, with an occasional slice of toast,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“He can be on eggs for months and he doesn’t even think about it. Then he gives it up and moves on to the next thing,” she said.

His diet appears to have increased egg sales at Tesco’s with consumers being inspired by his example, said The Daily Telegraph.

However, nutritionists have expressed their concern at the extremes of the Saatchi diet which they say could raise cholesterol and damage the liver and kidneys.

This follows on from UK research which found that eating two eggs a day can actually cut cholesterol levels.

A trial carried out at the University of Surrey and recently published in The European Journal of Nutrition found that people eating two eggs a day while on a calorie-restricted diet not only lost weight, but also reduced their blood cholesterol levels.

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