Rodenticides promise results

Verminate is a new range of rodenticides from Johnson Diversey aimed at helping producers tackle the rising rodent population caused by recent warm winters.

“Once rodents are in the building, the only effective control method is a thorough baiting programme using a proven chemical rodenticide,” said Deosan Technical manager Alison Cox.

The Deosan Verminate range comprises two rodenticides that are provided with baiting boxes specially designed to secure the bait and so present no risk to children or pets. An open bottom makes the boxes attractive to rodents.

Deosan Verminate Extra contains 0.004% brodifacoum and kills rodents in a single feed. As such, it will control an infestation in two to three days. Deosan Verminate contains 0.005% difenacoum.

Both products contain a paste bait made from milling grade cereals and peanut butter oils. This attractive formulation ensures fast bait take, usually within 24 hours, said Ms Cox.

“To help farmers get the most effective results, both products come as a system pack that provides a complete pest management approach, including best-practice advice, baiting stations specifically designed for the bait trays, and auditing documentation. This allows producers to record full details of location, activity and action taken, helping them comply with farm assurance requirements.”

A Verminate Extra system pack has the potential to kill 400 rats for a cost of £50, while a Verminate pack costs £43. Refill packs are available for both systems.

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