Off to the beach? Don’t forget your chicken


With the summer holidays upon us, it’s that time of year when the Great British Public reaches for the Factor 20 and heads to the beach.

And this year, it seems, the chickens can come too.

beach hut

That, at least, is the suggestion from pop-up tent manufacturer, Olpro. According to their latest PR blurb to arrive in the Poultry World offices, their new Beach Hut tent (pictured left) is proving as popular with chicken keepers as it is with holiday makers.

At just £99, it is certainly cheaper than the price of an Eglu – and way less than a conventional beach hut (up to £170,000 on the exclusive Mudeford sandbank at Christchurch, Dorset).

According to Olpro, the pop-up Beach Hut is also a winner with chicken keepers because “they’re lightweight enough to move around the garden more easily than a traditional wooden coop”.

But the Forager questions if it is really fit for purpose.

It may be good at stopping a bit of sand blowing onto your sandwich, or to protect your modesty when attempting that tricky “underpants to swimming trunks” manoeuvre.

But we fear the manufacturer seriously underestimates the destructive power of the average garden chicken or, for that matter, the average urban fox.