How to top the Google ranking….

Jokes were few and far between at this week’s International Egg Commission conference in London.

But one moment raised a bit of a snigger, as American internet guru Susan Hallam was explaining the intricacies of “search engine optimisation”.

To demonstrate her point about the effectiveness of “key words”, she had typed into the search term “wholesale eggs” and, lo and behold, top of the Goggle rankings came Barradale Eggs.

The website was not going to win any awards for snazzy design. But it did tick many of the boxes the Google crawlers were interested in, Ms Hallam suggested, in particular using the words “wholesale eggs” in the title bar and logo.

It would have been unkind to explain to Ms Hallam that Barradale only tops of the list because the company has recently been subject to high profile allegations of malpractice in the UK egg industry and has been booted out of the Lion scheme…..

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