Sorting the good eggs from the tossers


As pun-ridden and cliché-ridden press releases go, they simply don’t get any better than this morning’s D2 Communications summing up of the annual “politicians versus media” pancake race in Westminster.

PR guru Don Delaney gets off to a cracking start (actually, that is about the only egg-based pun that doesn’t put in an appearance), with a grand total of four puns in the headline. “MPs’ team batter Lords’ and media teams to poach victory in egg-citing Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race scramble” it reads.

Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race at Victoria Tower Gardens, London, Britain - 09 Feb 2016

The release then goes on to describe how the MPs “flattened the opposition” having been “walking on egg shells” in the weeks leading up to the charity event. “For a while, we thought we were fried, but we weren’t going to let this one out of the pan,” said victorious team captain, Steve Pound MP.

In total there are 18 such phrases in the two page press release, though none better than the quote from official starter Cathy Newman who observed that “it wasn’t easy to sort out the good eggs from the flipping tossers”.

When it comes to puns and clichés, it seems that some people just can’t get “an oeuf”.