The competition can sometimes inspire

Part of the heavy burden of editorship is coming up with a weighty “Viewpoint” piece each month. It needs to set the tone of that edition in an authoritative voice.

That’s why we were interested to look at what our competitors are writing about:

ZOOTECHNICA International is a rival publication that takes a global look at the egg and poultry industry. Here’s Novembers editorial, word for word:

The sense of time has always given the measurement of life. Over the centuries the rhythm of life, for man, has changed so much that perception of time has been lost completely, the ancient philosophers already imagined what would have happened.


The Alchemists, misjudged as insane, were probably misunderstood. They spoke, on a chemical level, of mercury and sulphur, which, placed together in a receptacle, should have been able to convert humble metals into gold.


The human mind, in its fragmentary character, in its transformations is similar to alchemical processes.


Symbolically with the manifold aspects of man in the confused mass of emotions, regressions and ambiguity.


The interpretation of life, from an alchemist’s point of view, to relieve our bodies and minds of the continual tension to which we are exposed is fundamental.


The true transformation is within. Be distinguished in the ancient alchemists recognising in ourselves mercury and sulphur, heat and the receptacle in which they combine.

We have checked previous editions of the magazine and found hardly any references to “ancient philosophers”. Rush of blood to the head, perhaps?

Or is it what industry needs to hear, in these straightened times. Remember, “the true transformation is within”.