The saucy tale of a turkey

It’s Christmas time and the weird holiday period news stories are starting creep out.

Our first cab of the rank is The Daily Express with their exposé on the tawdry life of a turkey and its lover…a deer!

Apparently the turkey, Tinsel, was found on a motorway after being dumped by its then owner and was taken in by the folks at the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.


Just a picture of a turkey sign, not the actual Tinsel (Thanks Bruce on Flickr)

While recuperating Tinsel fell in love with a Roe Deer, called Bramble. Now they live in the same barn and are inseparable.

The Express paints this as a rosy picture of turkey/deer love but I think it’s much more sinister.

If we allow turkeys to around cavorting with deer what could we end up with? Teers (Turkey-Deers).

And we all know what happened with the Liger. It’s a lot to think about.

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