Tweeting turkeys

Two Welsh turkeys have begun tweeting before Christmas to highlight the difference between barn-reared turkey and their free range, organic counterparts.

Organic Owen (@organiccymru) and Barn-Reared Bill (@BarnrearedBill) are part of a campaign by Organic Centre Wales (OCW), and will be spending the run-up to Christmas Tweeting to contrast their different lifestyles.

Dafydd Owen, from  OCW said that it wanted to remind people that not all turkeys have the same experience before ending up on people’s plates at Christmas.

 “In the past six months we have featured talking leeks and sheep as part of our campaign, so tweeting turkeys was just a natural progression.”

Tweeting turkeys reminded me of a “Gorkana alert” sent the day I started on Poultry World. Gorkana sends an update whenever someone starts or finishes on a magazine or newspaper, along with how to get in touch with them. A Daily Mail hack picked up on my appointment and Tweeted this:

He can be found Tweeting at...

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