World picture exclusive…

Our colleagues on Farmers Weekly get inundated with pictures of people reading the magazine in unusual places.

They even ran a competition in recent weeks – FW On Tour – to find the most bizarre setting for indulging in Farmers Weekly.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for bizarre.jpgThe other recurrent theme is that of children. There seems to be a never ending flow of parents willing to expose their children to ridicule by forcing them to pose with the latest issue in the hope that it will be published in the magazine.

young.jpgBut while it is easy to deride such “fluffy content”, such criticism is probably driven by jealousy. Secretly, the editorial team at Poultry World dreams of receiving something similar.

Well, we used to dream of it. But now that dream has become reality, with the first ever picture of a sprog getting stuck in to the nation’s favourite poultry magazine.

alfie and PW 007.jpgWarms the heart!

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