End to shortage of Paracox coccidiosis vaccine in sight

A shortage of coccidiosis vaccine Paracox 8 should soon be resolved, with normal supply resuming in September, according to MSD Animal Health.

The vaccine is the only one that offers protection against the eight species of coccidiosis that can blight longer-living birds such as parent and grandparent stock or free-range broilers and layers.

The supply of Paracox 5, which does the same job for five strains of cocci, has not been affected.

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Senior product manager at MSD, Wesley Thorne, said a series of problems at the production site had led to supplies running out.

He told Poultry World these issues had now been ironed out, and production was once again under way.

However, the nature of making the vaccine meant it wouldn’t be until September that stock levels would be replenished.

Mr Thorne advised any producers looking for alternative products to consult their vet.

Delair Bolis, who heads the global poultry team at MSD, added: “While we deeply regret that we cannot supply Paracox 8 to our customers at this time, we are committed to helping them manage bird health on their farms.

“Our technical team is working with customers to provide assistance during our out-of-stock period and we have also provided a technical guideline and recommendations on ways to manage coccidiosis during this time.”

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