Reducing antibiotics in poultry farming is focus of upcoming conference

A range of top speakers will offer the latest on reducing antibiotics use on poultry farms at an upcoming conference.

Poultry vets St David’s Poultry Practice has organised a day focused on antibiotics, their use and reduction strategies at the National Motorcycle Museum, near Birmingham, on 16 March.

Speakers include Stephen Collett, of the University of Georgia, who founded the “seed feed and weed” concept for farming broilers.

Others will cover antimicrobial resistance, using starter feeds to boost immunity and how the hatchery can improve the health of birds on farm.

The poultry sector has come under fire in recent weeks, accused of irresponsible use of medicine by a national newspaper.

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But the British Poultry Council has released figures that show the sector reduced its use by almost one-third in 2015, when compared with the previous year.

Managing broiler farms with fewer antibiotics available would continue to be a major challenge in the coming years, according to St David’s vets director, Richard Turner.

“While this is an enormous challenge, we can learn a lot from experts around the world and from farmers who are putting antibiotic reduction into practice elsewhere.”

Those interested in attending should call 01392 872 932 to register or email

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