St David’s poultry vets opens thirteenth practice

Poultry veterinarian St David’s is to open a new practice in the Cotswolds, taking its total to 13 across the country.

The company is headquartered in Exeter, Devon, but has branches across the UK.

Its new practice, located in Northleach, Gloucestershire, will serve egg and poultrymeat businesses, as well as the game industry.

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Richard Turner, a director at the firm, said being able to make regular farm visits at a time when some vets were seemingly remote was a strategy “best for bird health”.

“St David’s Poultry Team Ltd has more poultry vets in more bases across the country than any other practice, with hundreds of millions of broilers under our care,” he added.

“We are also working proactively to help reduce antibiotic use in poultry flocks without impacting on bird health, using the ABC approach.

“This involves working closely with our farmers to develop a tailored bacterial control plan, with a full understanding of the husbandry system and predisposing factors to bacterial infection.”