New incubators up parent stock capacity for Moy Park

Moy Park has invested £180,000 in Petersime incubators for its Craigavon parent-stock hatchery in what it terms a “revolutionary” development.

The company said the equipment would increase capacity some 16%, while improving control over temperature, humidity and ventilation.

The incubators also consume about 20% less energy, when compared with the previous installation.

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Stephen Bamford, grandparent manager, Moy Park, said of the equipment: “The results we have witnessed so far from the new system have been fantastic.

“The sophisticated technology continually monitors the temperature of the eggs and adapts to fluctuations to ensure chicks are of a consistent, high quality.”


Northern Ireland-based Moy Park is on the expansion trail, being mid-way through an extensive shed-building programme, which will see up to 400 new poultry units constructed.

It processes five million chicks a week.

The company was recently sold by its owner, Marfrig, to another Brazilian agri-giant, JBS, for £1bn.