Poultry farmers hit with environment permit hike

The cost of an integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) permit application has risen by an inflation-busting 2.7%, despite opposition from the NFU.

From 1 April the cost of an application rose to £3,750. Annual subsistence charges have increased to £2,490 for non-accredited farming installations and £1,580 for accredited farming installations.

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The Environment Agency (EA) said it needed the increased charges to:

  • Develop its IT systems

  • Prepare for implementing the Industrial Emissions Directive

  • Deliver on a 13 week turnaround commitment for applications

  • Set up a pan-governmment review of environmental regulations.

The NFU, in its response to higher charges, said: “A number of these are concerns to us and further details would need to be provided before we could accept the proposed increases. Greater transparency is needed.

“There is something quite contradictory about increasing charges to pay for what sounds like a programme which should ease the burden on industry, not increase it.”

The NFU also reminded producers to take advantage of the 15 hours free advice that the EA provides for those submitting bespoke applications.