Powder colostrum saves costs

Poor quality colostrum is the cause of many disease problems and lack of thrift in young calves, past research has shown.

Diseases such as Johnes can pass through colostrum, so making sure calves receive disease free and nutritionally balanced colostrum packed with essential immunoglobulins is critical.

Calf Choice Total, is natural bovine colostrum which has been tested to have high levels of immunoglobulins for calf immunity. It is also Johnes-free and free from other diseases such as bovine TB, which can often be a problem where colostrum pooling is practiced.

Also containing antibodies for common causes of scours and pneumonia including cryptosporidium and E coli, means there is less need to vaccinate for rotovirus and corona virus.

This is all available in one sachet mixed with hot water, meaning no need for thawing frozen maternal colostrum.

For more information on CCT visit www.farmertofarmer.co.uk