RABDF concerned about further cull consultation

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) has welcomed DEFRA’s intentions to introduce a licenced badger cull in two pilot areas, but expressed “grave concern” at the need for a further consultation.

RABDF vice-chairman Ian Macalpine said: “DEFRA’s plans for a badger cull in two hotspot areas are a significant step forward after waiting more than 15 years for government to introduce some form of positive action to control TB, which is continuing to spread, not only geographically, but between species.”

He said he feared the nine-week consultation would allow “highly-organised groups who oppose the badger cull” to get together and further delay, or block, any further action.

“They are already acting – one organisation has launched a petition opposing the cull and achieved more than 15,000 signatures within 15 hours of Mrs Spelman’s announcement,” he added.

“The industry must be aware that this consultation could not only stall DEFRA’s proposals, but completely stifle them.”

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