Rams sell to £540 a head at Usk sheep sale

A good entry of 2,116 breeding and store sheep sold to a top price of £540 at the final sale at Usk Showground.

Topping the sale was a Texel yearling ram from Messrs J Joseph, Llyswen.

Yearling ewes sold to £150 a head for a consignment of Welsh Mules from Messrs JP Sevenoaks and Sons, Walterstone.

The same vendor also achieved the highest price of £106 a head for Suffolk cross two-year-olds.

Ewe lambs met a more difficult trade than the previous sale, with RT Watkins topping the section at £84 with a pen of Suffolk x Mules.

Store lambs met strong demand, with the top price of £70/head going to Messrs RG and MA Williams, Nash, for a consignment of Charollais x store lambs.

Averages: 64 rams, £330.38; 487 yearling ewes, £106.03; 186 flock ewes, £80.63; 1,194 ewe lambs, £66.70; 185 store lambs, £57.39.

(Williams Associates)