Research forum gives farmers control

It goes without saying research is fundamental for the future success of our dairy sector, and DairyCo is often challenged by leading dairy farmers on the limited longer-term, exploratory research taking place, writes Kenny Campbell of DairyCo.

We’ve listened to those challenges and as a result, we are now looking for farmers to sit on a new Research Advisory Forum, being put together to help identify and address future challenges for the dairy industry.

As a dairy farmer and board member for DairyCo it’s important the research carried out stays levy payer focused. We need to make sure research has a clear remit to positively affect the dairy farmer’s profit margin. A good mix in our research and development is necessary to make sure we’re helping farmers where it really makes a difference and we need dairy farmers to work with us to make sure we’re getting that mix right.

The Research Advisory Forum will lead the way for the future of the dairy industry in Great Britain. By working with farmers, including two leading overseas farmers, we can make sure we’re conducting research and development that addresses the real issues producers are facing.

There are many dairy farmers running successful and innovative businesses who have concerns about issues arising in the long-term and we want the Research Advisory Forum to bring these farmers together alongside leading dairy scientists and industry representatives to establish a dedicated plan of research and development.

This is an opportunity to get involved and influence future research strategies. DairyCo is a levy payer organisation and this is a chance for levy payers to play a central role in decision making.

Dairy farmers wanting to apply should contact Brian Lindsay on 01285 646 500 for further information or for an application form. All applications should be received no later than 20 May 2009. The first meeting is due to take place in July.

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