Rich list reveals avian flu damage

The damage inflicted by avian flu onto the UK poultry meat industry was evident in the Sunday Times’ 2007 Rich List

Bernard Matthews, with his own outbreak in Suffolk, suffered most.  Last year he was worth £302m but this year he is down to £173m, says the list.  This meant his rating plunged from 191 to 414.  

Negative turkey twizzler publicity also did not help, nor did increased competition in the market place or higher raw material prices.  He is hitting back with free range and organic products.   

Fred Duncan had an equally traumatic year at Grampian.  His personal fortune tumbled from £105m to £50m.  He is no longer the 34th richest man in Scotland but is down to 81 on the list.

At 2 Sisters, where 2005 profit rose £1.2m to £20m, Mr and Mrs Ranjit Singh moved against the tide and boosted their own value by £20m to £130m.  Robin Faccenda and family were unchanged at £75m.