RSPCA launches pig welfare campaign

The RSPCA has launched a campaign to promote welfare friendly pork.

The Think Pig initiative encourages shoppers to only buy higher welfare pork products that display the Freedom Food logo.

It also features online shopping advice, pig welfare information and a video to help consumers make an “educated choice”.

The charity said there had been an upsurge in consumer demand and spending on Freedom Food pork products.

A YouGov survey of 2184 shoppers for the charity earlier this month found that 64% of those questioned who had bought ham, sausages, bacon or pork in the last six months wanted to choose higher welfare products.

“We have seen the number of pigs reared to RSPCA welfare standards dramatically increase by 26% – from less than 1.6m animals two years ago, to more than 1.9m today as a direct result of consumer demand,” Leigh Grant, Freedom Food’s chief executive said.

“That’s 400,000 more pigs having a better life under Freedom Food.”