Santa comes empty handed to the Armstrongs

Well Santa certainly did not deliver our SFP cheque and the RPA haven’t either, but they have managed to deliver our sheep and goat inventory as well as our 2012 cross compliance book and yes I have checked both of them and there is no cheque inside them.

The early ewes have been scanned and out of 2,500, we have 30 geld, 105 triplets and our percentage is 185; we couldn’t wish for anything better. The triplets and any lean ewes are on pellets now and the twins will start in early February. They are all housed, but with a total of three polytunnels in the North Sea, and only two left, space will become tight if they are not repaired soon.

Organic lambs and cattle are still sought after, but our organic potatoes haven’t moved very fast yet, thankfully. Greenvale are in charge of these and I am certain they know what they are doing and have made a good job in the past. Fat cattle are still being sold through border livestock exchange who seem to be making an excellent job, but buying stores isn’t so easy.

The pony bought for the childrens’ Christmas turned out like most other ponies – a stubborn, awkward little so and so. It has been sent back, but our trading standards inspection went great.

Farmer Focus: Charlie Armstrong

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