Scotland allows slaughter and welfare movements

Movement restrictions put in place yesterday as a result of the latest outbreak of foot and mouth are set to be relaxed in Scotland today, according to NFU Scotland.

In a statement last night NFU Scotland president Jim McLaren said there would be some immediate relaxations of movement restrictions, which was some good news on what had been a horrendous day again for the Scottish livestock industry.
“The Scottish Government has announced some relaxations to the movement ban that was introduced in the Scottish mainland at 3pm Wednesday.

These relaxations include movements of animals direct to slaughter and those required for welfare reasons and for milking.  Movements within and between Scottish islands are permitted.  Further details on the conditions associated with these relaxations are expected to be published on the Scottish Executive website shortly”

“We will be in further talks with Government tonight, hopefully to get a handle on exactly what kind of disease outbreak we are now facing. All the hopes are that this case is an isolated one but we can only speculate on why we are facing this nightmare again.

“This could not have come at a worse time for the industry.  We have absolutely critical sales happening today and over the next few weeks and the financial implications for the industry if this situation drags on does not bear thinking about.”