Scots turn to hauliers for help during lambing

Scotland’s sheep farmers are turning livestock wagons and trailers into emergency shelters as they continue to lamb their flocks in challenging conditions.

Rain and snow continue to hammer the country and reports have come in to NFU Scotland’s head office of some farmers turning to local hauliers to help get sheep under cover and provide a dry place to shelter and lamb.  

Old livestock wagons and curtain-sided trailers are being commissioned as temporary accommodation for sheep to provide shelter through the worst of the weather and the union is suggesting struggling producers contact local hauliers to see if more trailers are available.

Sandy Tulloch, chairman of the union’s Less Favoured Areas Committee, said: “There has been no respite in the weather across many parts of Scotland and many farmers are continuing to work around the clock trying keep their ewes and lambs alive in the most trying conditions.

“Snow, sleet and torrential driving rain means that bringing stock out of sodden fields and under cover is a priority and that every bit of available cover on farm is at a premium.

“The haulage industry may have a role in helping producers out of the hole they are in.  It may be worth any sheep farmer, for the price of a phone call, contacting their local haulier to see if they have a trailer available that could help them get their stock out of the weather and, hopefully, get their ewes and lambs on their feet.”