Scottish EID database gets £1m funding

The Scottish government is investing a further £1m of funding in the Scottish EID database to help improve traceability and safeguard animal and public health.

The funding will complete Scotland’s new sheep and pig movement system and will finalise development of the national BVD database.

Completion of the national BVD database will lead to overall savings of £50m-£80m during the next 10 years for the Scottish cattle industry. The funding will also allow the Scottish government to prepare for EU proposals for bovine EID.

Commenting on the funding, Rural affairs secretary Richard Lochhead said: “It’s a significant step, as it now provides the opportunity to explore the vision of a multi-species livestock movement database system for Scotland. It also offers the Scottish industry the potential to share livestock information throughout the supply chain,” he said.

In summary this further development of ScotEID will:

• allow all sheep and goat movements to be recorded either electronically or by paper on the ScotEID database system

• enable livestock keepers to view and amend their movement data via ScotEID

• enable the database to play a key role in the eradication of BVD

• allow Scotland to consider the feasibility of an electronic cattle movement system based on the outcomes of EU proposals for bovine EID

• carry out field trials to research EID technology for cattle on farms, in markets and in abattoirs

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