Sedgemoor dairy trade reaches 2000gns

Saturday’s sale of dairy cattle at Sedgemoor saw a top call of 2000gns paid for Holstein second calver Lilylane Lheros Nora 15 from A J Bennett and Sons. This price tage was matched by a fresh calved heifer from R J Goss and Sons, Posh Leader Clover.

Ayrshires peaked at 1500gns for  in-calf heifer Demans Molly which was due in October to a Limousin sire. She was forward from D Sayer.

And topping the Jerseys was a 700gns bid for a February calved fourth calver from S E Lane and Partners, Kent.

In the Dairy Shorthorn sale on behalf of the sotuh west Shorthorn Breeders Association, the trade was led at 1680gns by a fresh calved heifer Ablington Digitalis 25 from W H and S J Rawlins. Also at this money was August calved heifer Ablington Eaves Fairy 4. Topping the cows was a 1600gns sale for second calver Wawcott Clemancy 46 from R F Collins.

Averages; Shorthorns calved cows £1347.50, calved heifers £1434, in-calf heifers £833.33, heifer calves £279.13; Holsteins, calved cows £1907, calved heifers £1854.30, in-calf heifers £1365, served heifers £1141.87, yearling heifers £631.33, heifer calves £351.75; Jerseys, calved cows £662.81, in-calf heifers £682.50, served heifers £483, bulling heifers £406; Ayrshires, in-calf heifers £1464.75 (Greenslade Taylor Hunt)