Sedgemoor Spring Fever dairy sale to 2700gns top

Greenslade Taylor Hunt had the largest ever collective entry at a Sedgemoor dairy sale this week with 351 head forward for the Spring Fever sale.

The day started with the collective fresh milk entry from leading South West Breeders and produced the days top price of 2700gns for David and Valerie Norman’s calve heifer Ciderhouse Baxter Fleur 2 from their noted Fleur family.

Their consignment of four cows and heifers averaged £2005. At 2150 gns was calved heifer Chalclyffe Hamestead C Tabithan, one of three consigned by W Green and Sons to the day’s best average of £2117.50.

Others sold to 2050gns for Hartlandview Shottle Bella from L G Bagg and Partners and 2020gns for regular consigners Roland andd Simon Bugler for Bettiscombe Igniter Dagmar. Non Pedigree in calf heifers from Mr A Gale sold to 1750gns for a Shottle daughter due in April to an Aberdeen-Angus sire.
Lulworth Castle Farms decision to change their farms business structure resulted in the dispersal of their entire Served and Bulling heifer portion of their ‘Poynings’ Herd. The heifers which were served to sexed semen and due from September onwards drew a great deal of interest and sold to 1450gns for Poynings L Baxter Cornelia 2 and Poynings H Zebedee Colette both due the end of September to Net-A-Way Pilot.

End of February Served heifers sold to 1120gns for daughters of Baxter and Allen and bulling heifers by Baxter sold to 1060gns.

Heifer Calves sold to 880gns for D Wilcox’s Nortonhill MillianTessa that was born in December and out of two generations of VG Dams.

Bulls sold to 1200gns for Sherden Rookie from seven generations of VG and Ex and a 12,000kg dam for J C Palmer.

Averages; Spring Fever cows £1727.25, calved heifers £1850.24, Jersey cows £1107.75, bulls £1060.50in-calf heifers £1378.50, yearling and younger heifers £586.74, heifer calves £513.50, Poynings herd 65 autumn in-calf heifers £1276.64, 22 served heifers  £967.91, 119 bulling and yearling heifers £700 (Greenslade Taylor Hunt).