Send your pictures to a virtual sheep show

Now livestock showing is pretty high up on the agenda for some breeders, but now you can show with a different dimension – live on the web.

This weekend sees the launch of’s virtual interactive sheep show. The website designed for farmers to put photographs of their sheep on the internet is free to view and free to submit photos to.

The show iteslf has been developed in light of foot and mouth, where most shows were cancelled.

Showing dates for different breeds will be posted on the webiste throughout the year with Mule Gimmer lambs and Zwartbles starting the season off. Browsers will register to vote and then rate sheep on a starring system, very much like a TV talent show the public vote will then account for 50% of the result. An invited judge with experience of the representative breed will then make up the other 50%.

Anybody can submit photographs, not necessarily the breeder or the owner. Entry is free and prize money will come as sponsorhsip with Hawes Mart, Tynedale Farm Toys and Ovibreed have already donated prize money.

So what next………..judging the Royal interbreed on-line, surely not!!