September sees milk production output fail to reach quota

Milk production fell short of quota again during September, though output is showing signs of returning nearer to normal compared with the first half of the milk year.

According to estimates from the Rural Payments Agency, dairy farmers delivered 1060m litres of milk to processors last month. Adjusted for butterfat, the volume was 1076m litres, 23m litres below the Charles Holt of the Farm Consultancy Group.

While this leaves production about 333m litres short of profile so far this year, September’s output is much closer to the month’s quota profile than in previous months.

Charles Holt  said warm and wet weather in September had led to improved grazing and better milk output.

However, there were “reasonable prospects” for continued improvements over the coming months, he said. “I think deliveries could be reasonably strong again this month. We won’t reach quota, but compared with earlier it’s much better.

“There are also reasonable prospects for dairy farmers this autumn. With cows grazing outside for longer, farmers are saving some costs on feed, silage, straw and bedding.”

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