Sharp trade at Skipton prime sale

Skipton Marts weekly prime stock sale yesterday saw good numbers forward in both sheep and beef lines resulting in a sharp trade.


More than 4000 head of prime sheep sold to a full ringside resulting in an overall average of 163.17p/kg. Prices for p/kg topped at 208.5p/kg for John Tennant, Bordley for lambs weighing between 36-45kg. J D Taylor and Sons, Broughton also topped the day’s proceedings with a £96.50 sale for a Texel cross.


Commercial Suffolk‘s and Continental cross prime lambs ranged between £22 and £28 depending on weight. Mule lambs sold to a top of 160p/kg and cull ewes to £118 for Texels.


Over in the beef rings, it were the commercial types selling to a sharp trade. Prime steers topped at 153.5p/kg for a British Blue cross weighing more than 560kg from B Spensley. Prime heifers sold to 167.5p/kg for a Charolais forward from J Drinkall.


Young bull sales were also sustained with 108.51p/kg the highest price for a young bull. Cull cow trade topped at 100p/kg for a Continental type and averaged 82.57p/kg.


(CCM Auctions)