Sheep and pig results from Staffordshire Show


sheep champ.jpg

Interbreed Sheep

D B Robert’s Charollais ewe; res, K R Thomas’s Suffolk shearling ewe.


K R Thomas’s shearling ewe; res, T S Cox’s ewe lamb.


C Root’s shearling ram; res C Root’s shearling ewe.


D B Robert’s homebred ewe; res, R S and J A Gregory’s ram lamb.

Any other rare and minority native breed

D Stanhope’s Teeswater shearling ram; res, E Lamberts shearling ewe.


G A and V Ridout and H VF Higginson’s ewe; res, J N Simmon’s ram lamb, Camster Lagon DA.


A G Anslow’s shearling ram, Chase Jokin; res, C Shaw’s shearling ewe.


V E M and D Hulme’s shearling ewe; res, K and A Stickel’s shearling ewe, Stoneridge Molly.


pig int.jpg

Pig Interbreed

J R and M L Wreake’s Saddleback sow, Victoria Lottie 168; res, M Horsley’s Berkshire boar, Horbeck Ambassador.

Middle Whites

British Saddlebacks

J R and M L Wreake’s sow, Victoria Lottie 168; res, J R and M L Wreake’s Victoria Lottie 300.

Gloucester Old Spot

S J and A L Booth’s gilt, Foston Countess 18; res, `M V Hick’s gilt, Windmill Josephine. 29.

Large Blacks

J Wood and S Richardson‘s gilt, Kenworthy Blackie 6; res, C G Wickstead’a boar, Boswwick Diana.

Any other purebred traditional 

Mrs T Bretherton’s, Gracebank Louise; res, Mrs T Bretherton’s, Gracebank Orlando.