Sheep focus extended for 2016 Livestock Event

Sheep will have a greater presence at this year’s Livestock Event, according to event organisers.

With sheep farmers accounting for a significant number of visitors to the Livestock Event, organisers of the two-day, free event have decided to step up the amount of sheep- and lamb-related advice and demonstrations.

“With almost one third of our visitors farming sheep, we are pleased to extend our practical demonstrations to offer them the opportunity to take home some very practical and relevant advice to implement next day on the farm,” says Livestock Event director Matt Knight.

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The National Lleyn Sheep Competition will return for its third year at the Livestock Event, which runs 6-7 July at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

AHDB Lamb and Beef will also be on-hand to provide producers with advice on meeting carcass specification and information on adding value by selling direct to the consumer.

As well as advice on the control and eradication of foot-rot, scald and Codd, sheep farmers will be offered advice on and practical demonstrations relating to:

  • Trace elements – What is needed and why? Plus bolus administration best practice
  • EID and handling – How to reduce stress, maximise kit potential, and get to grips with EID-compatible handling
  • EID – How to make best use of the kit for basic record keeping, identifying replacements, culling, and health and welfare
  • Minimising needle damage – How to make clean and effective vaccinations to reduce needle injuries and subsequent infection, abscesses and disease transmission

This year’s Livestock Event will offer free entry and parking to farmers, vets, consultants, other industry professionals, and members of the supply trade.

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