Sheep stuck as movement restrictions bite

The resumption of sales this week should have been a reason for sheep farmers to rejoice, instead it is now causing logistical nightmares for stock trapped at markets and sales.

Pat Greaney, stock manager for Eire-based Tom Bailey’s Suffolk and Texel flocks was yesterday afternoon stuck in Kelso with more than 30 ram lambs he’d been due to sell tomorrow.

Others, meanwhile, were trapped at Lanark market where the Scottish region of the Texel Sheep Society was due to hold its premier sale.1300 cattle were also reportedly stuck in Carlisle market last night, but are likely to be moved under licence following inspection.

Hopefully, all these animals can be moved to their destinations as soon as possible, although I fear the Bailey’s sheep in Kelso may have to stay this side of the Irish sea for a while longer yet.