Sheep trade holds at Exmoor sale despite national prices dropping

Exmoor Farmers reported a large July entry of 1,045 sheep and a good trade despite prime lamb prices beginning to falter.

Prime lambs averaged 173p a kilo being a solid trade compared to the fluctuations over the previous few days. Top price a kilo of 181p went to Mr E Schofield and also West Somerset Community College with others selling to 180p/kg.

A large entry of grazing Ewes (787 ewes) realised a top of £89.50 for Chargot Estates, with others at selling at £80 for AR Crane, £77.50 for B Westcott and £77 for Stephens Bros.

Grazing Rams sold to £88.50 for G Vellacott and £87.50 for R Kelly.