Sheep farmers needed for drench resistance study

Sheep farmers are being asked to help researchers discover what causes white drench resistance and what is influencing its spread in the roundworm species Nemoatodirus battus.

White drench resistance (1-BZ) was identified in Nematodirus battus populations in the UK in 2010.

Research to date suggests the genes that code for this resistance are widespread at low levels throughout the UK populations with some regions of higher resistance.

Due to the acute nature of disease caused by this parasite, treatment failure can have a profound impact on production in young lambs.

A survey is being conducted by Moredun Research Institute to provide a benchmark of the scale of resistance in this species, identify potential risk factors for the development and spread of resistance and to develop a diagnostic test for resistance in this species.

The output of this research could inform future management strategies and minimise the economic impact of resistance, claim researchers.

For more information and to take part in the survey.