Shiplake Holsteins sell to 2300gns top

Top price of the day at the Shiplake Holstein dispersal for the Noble family was 2300gns paid by G R Robinson Farms, Leicestershire, when buying Shiplake Grayson Alice for their Wyggeston herd.

Alice was one of several daughters of Far-O-La Grayson that caught the eye and sold a fortnight calved giving 37kg with her second calf.

J Biddle, Berkeley, was in good form, picking up 11 of the best young cows for his Acton herd, including Shiplake Iron Dolly 2 for 2300gns. Having done 11,759kg in her second lactation, she sold 12 days calved giving 38kg.

Main buyer was Fred Simcock from Hereford, who purchased 35 head. One of his shrewdest buys was the 10,500kg heifer Shiplake Melody Hillie, sold still giving 30kg and due in October. She made 2250gns.

Messrs Robinson were back in action when paying 2150gns for Shiplake Melody Polo.

A superb group of in-calf heifers sold really well, averaging £1560 and peaking at 1800gns  for a Shottle daughter.

Averages; 167 cows and calved heifers £1572, 41 served heifers £1560, 45 maiden heifers £1024 (Norton and Brooksbank).