Signs point to Scotch beef supply boost

SUPPLIES OF Scotch beef are likely to increase in the short-term, with overall calf registration numbers up 1.5% last year and registrations of calves by beef sires up by 2.7%.

These figures, together with increased beef sire use across Scottish dairy cows, suggest beef supply will be good for the short-term, reckons QMS” Stuart Ashworth. “This sends out a positive message to customers about future supplies of beef from the Scottish industry.”

There were also changes to the breed profile of Scots calf registrations in 2004, with Aberdeen Angus and Aberdeen Angus cross calf registrations increasing by 9%. Other native breeds also strengthened numbers, with Luing, Shorthorn, Hereford, Galloway and Highland sires accounting for 3% of all calf registrations, a 10% increase on 2003.

The level of use of Continental breeds also altered, with Limousin sires accounting for 7% more calves and Simmentals an extra 5%. The level of use of Charolais sires remained static.

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