Skipton Christmas show results

Keith Downs, Milner Field, Bingley, took the top honours at Skipton’s annual Christmas Show and Sale, with his British Blue cross steer which weighed in at 499kg, taking the the silverware. This one later sold to Keelham Hall Farm Shop at 419.5p/kg.

CCM Xmas prime cattle champ-judges pic 1.jpgReserve spot went to Willie Timms, Goole, with his British Blue cross heifer. This one sold at 369.5p/kg to Tim and Lisa Metcalfe for further breeding.

Taking the lamb title was James Garth, Clapham. These were a pen of three 39kg Beltex crosses which sold for £420/head to butcher Richard Bamford of Calderdale.

CCM Xmas Garth prime lambs champs-judge pic 3.jpgReserve championship honours in the lambs went to Martin and Val Brown, Bedale, with their 50kg Beltex crosses. They sold at £200/head to Mike Allen, Whitby.

And the pig title went to Kelly Armitage with an 86kg pen of Pietrain crosses which sold at £151/head.CCM Xmas Armitage pigs champs-judge pic 9.jpg