Skipton Easter lamb double for Robert Towers

Farleton, Lancaster-based Robert Towers crossed the border into Yorkshire to raid Skipton’s show and sale of Easter prime lambs and carried off the championship and reserve titles.

Taking the top place for him was a pair of purebred Charollais lambs which weighed in at 42kg apiece and sold for £148/head. CCM prime lamb champs and reserves pic.jpgThe reserves were a brace of 40kg lambs which sold for £120 each.

Top place in the Down cross class went to a pair of Suffolks from Mark Evans which sold for £115/head.

In the monthly prime cattle show the championship went to David Bamforth, Wainstalls, who took the prize with a 545kg British Blue steer which sold for 216.5p/kg (£1179), the reserve champion, from the same home, was a 595kg Blue steer which sold for 191.5p/kg (£1139).CCM Bamforth prime cattle champ pic.jpg