Skipton January prime titles awarded

John and Judy Garnett, of Lane End Farm, Draughton, notched up a remarkable hat-trick when sending out the prime lamb champions for the third year in succession at the year’s opening show and sale at Skipton Auction Mart.


Their pen of five pure-bred 50kg Beltex lambs sold for the day’s top price of £100 per head – and for the second year running – to Yorkshire Halal Meat Supplies for their supermarket in Alice Street, Keighley.


Brian Lund, of Walshaw, Hebden Bridge, produced the first and second prize 53kg and 54kg pens of Suffolks, both selling at £84 per head to Andrew Atkinson, Kettlesing, who also purchased two other class-winning top price pens – the 57kg Mule and Masham lambs from Robert Crisp, Calton, at £79 each, and the horned lambs victors, a pen of 52kg Swaledales from Roy Nelson, Bordley, at £72.50 apiece.


The overall average for the 2,811 prime lambs forward was £69.14 per head (165.62p/kg)


The opening show for prime beef cattle fell to a Bazadaise -cross heifer from Red Rose showman, Jimmy Baines, who has farms in Gisburn and Trawden and is often among the prizes at Skipton. It sold to regular butcher buyer Richard Binns, of R & C Binns, Saltaire, for the top price of £1,229 ( Prime heifers averaged 154.15p.