Skipton Mart weekly round up

A near 3,000-strong entry of prime sheep – a solid turnout for the time of year at Skipton Auction Mart’s weekly sale on Monday – saw lightweight hoggs and export weight hoggs achieving similar trade on the week. (Feb 27)


Beltex-x were popular, with a pen from Ian & Mary Lancaster, Pendleton, heading the day’s per weight prices at 276.9p/kg, or £108 a head. The overall class average was £98.51 a head or 243.6p/kg.


Plenty of entries made three figures, with top price in sale at £124 each falling to a Charollais pen from Stephen Pepper, Oxenhope, who also headed the Suffolk prices at £123 a head.


Well-finished lightweight Swaledale wethers were good to sell, as were well-fed heavy Suffolk and Continental-x hoggs. Prime hoggs sold to an overall average of £82.89 a head, or 191.5p/kg.


There was again sharp trade for cull ewes, stronger types in particular. Heavy ewes sold to a top of £151.50 a head for a pen of three Texels from RC Robinson & Partners, Pannal, while JA Gibson & Sons, York, also sold Texel pens at £140.50 and £148.50.


From the same neck of the woods, Charollais specialist Charles Marwood, Whenby, sold a trio of seven-strong pens at £138.50, £131.50 and £129.50 each. Cull ewes averaged £82.61 and cast rams £60.25.


Rearing calf trade was again buoyant, showing an overall average of £234 and selling to a high of £450 for a British Blue-x bull calf from J Wellock, Oakworth. Heifer calf prices were headed at £320 for a Limousin-x from G Hayton & EC Stocks, Bolton Abbey.


Of the 58 prime cattle forward, steers under 30 months sold to 184.5p/kg, or £959, for a British Blue-x from J J Beckwith & Sons, Gargrave, and heifers to 141.5p/kg, £976, for a Hereford from R Ruddock, Harrogate.


The overall average for 30 to 48-month-old prime cattle was140.17p/kg, with RG Johnson & Son, Felliscliffe, topping the per head prices at £1,166, 157.5p/kg, for a black and white cow, and CJ Lumb, Halifax, the per weight prices at 172.5p/kg, £1,061, with a Limousin-x. cow.


Cull cows achieved an overall average of 132.38p/kg per head. JJ Beckwith & Sons were again to the fore with a Limousin-x that jointly headed the prices at 161.5p/kg, £1,058, equalled by another Limousin from Simon Bennett, Silsden, which made £1,171. Top price in section at £1,180 fell to a third Limousin-x from Fleets Farm, Rylstone.


The final Wednesday sale of in-lamb sheep and store hoggs (Feb 22) produced strong trade for the latter, with several pens of Continental and Suffolk hoggs selling for more than £80 each.


Suffolk prices, headed at £85 a head by G R & P L Jowett, Morton Banks, averaged £83.71, while there was again keen demand for Swaledale wethers, which averaged almost £55 and sold to a high of £68 each for a pen from JW Tinkler & Sons, Nesfield.


In-lamb sheep achieved similar prices to the previous sale, with two pens of Mules from G M & J Robinson, Fellbeck, noteworthy at £144 and £140.


Looking ahead, this coming Monday (Mar 5) sees the opening weekly seasonal sale of ewes with lambs at foot, with around 100 outifits already entered.

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