Skipton store lambs complete clearance

Store lamb sales may be barely beginning this season, but at Skipton yesterday there was a storng trade for the best lambs on offer at the first sale of the year.

Leading the way at £64/head were the first prize pen of 50 Suffolk cross lambs from Michael Parker, Winterburn.

Skipton Store lambs champs pic 2.jpg

 Then at £60/head were the second prize pen of 55 Texel crosses from Christopher Heseltine, Bolton Abbey. And just 20p shy of these at £59.80 were the third prize pen of 40 Texel lambs fom Chris Ryder, Blubberhouses.

With 2900 lambs on offer there were plenty for buyers to chose from and they seemed willing to pay well, with a total clearance of every lamb in the market at an overall average of £50.65, up from £34.83 last year, although the auctioneers admit that bluetongue restrictions affected trade last year. (Craven Cattle Markets).