Smiddiehill end of an era!

Well it might not have been the fastest sale I’ve ever attended, but it was certainly one of the most exciting, all be it a nightmare for so-called “modern technology”!!

I have to say other than the 50,000gns calf being sold, the other highlight for me is Harrison and Hetherington’s Glyn Lucas ability to get a bid out of anyone, not to mention the bizare sounds he makes while selling!!

I’m sure all involved will go away happy from the sale, apart from Anthony Wills’ bank manager who could be coughing a bit over his breakfast tomorrow when he hears how much the brothers spent in total – best of luck to them though, I look forward to following their success.

So it’s up the M4 for me, I’ll endeavour to upload the picture gallery in the morning once I’ve got them through from my photographer! I’ll also update with a full list of prices tomorrow. Keep an eye for next week’s FW for a double page spread on the sale…..selling dragged on a bit too long for press likings today so you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see it in the magazine!

Hope you enjoyed the coverage!