Smiddiehill sale gets going with a call of 4100gns

The dispersal of the Smiddiehill Holstein and Jersey sale has got underway with Tom Brooksbank doing the first stint of selling of Norton and Brooksbank, before H&H’s Glyn Lucas gets going later. And beleive it or not we even have the Eye of the Tioger blaring out of the speakers before the first entry enters the ring with Bev Bostock at the halter.

The first in to the ring is Smiddiehill September Marie, an August 2005 heifer by Pursuit September Storm, having calved in November and just been served to Damion. Milking 40 litres a day She sells for 4100gns to a Scottish buyer.

Second in the ring is Inspired C C Helen, bred by Carl Smith. This 88 pointer on her second calf is by Calbrett HH Champion and goes for 3800gns to the Wills Brothers, Cornwall.

Her Damion calf, a real beauty when she entered the ring went just after for 3000gns to Jerry McDonald, Northern Ireland.