Smithfield Festival: Baby Beef Classes

It’s day two of the East of England Smithfield festival – today sees the baby beef classes, calf classes and sheep championships, with the morning kicking off in the beef ring.


Judge Tecwyn Jones had a busy day yesterday and he’s in for another one today in the cattle ring.


First class of the day is the baby beef native heifer class, with B E Willams’ Aberdeen Angus, Oakchurch Dawn L021 taking first place and weighing 324kg. In second it’s 347kg  Aberdeen Angus x, L’or Noir from J S Fleming. Third is Mr K Ludgate’s Abby weighing in at 340kg.


Baby beef native steer has gone to Aberdeen Angus, So Peaty from M and H D Currie. The same exhibitors also came second with another of the same breed, Lucky Black. C Horrell in third with Beef Shorthorn x, Jack the Lad.


And the overall champion native baby beef went to B E Williams’ Aberdeen Angus, Oakchurch Dawn LO21. She is out of Oackchurch Dawn D008 and by Oakchurch Dominator. Reserve was another heifer, the Aberdeen Angus x L’or Noir.


The continental heifer, 365kg and under has gone to 329kg British Blue, Pokerdoll from Mr and Mrs M Alford and second to Limousin x, Swagger Jagger from Mr N E Slack, weighing 363kg. Third is Private Dancer, a Limousin x, 323kg heifer from Mr J Smith-Jackson.


In the continental heifer 366-415kg category, first is Peppa from Hallan and Blandford, weighing 410kg and second is Black Beauty from K D Harryman weighing 399kg.


The next split, of continental heifers 416kg and over has seen Limousin x 417kg Daisy from Mr K Ludgate in first and second is Bootilicious from David Hicks, a 421kg British Blue x. In third it’s Charoloais x Beonce from W M Owen, weighing 427kg.


There’s a three way split in the continental steer classes, the first is 330kg and under, with 314kg Limousin, Golden Eye from J Smith-Jackson taking first. Second is 323kg Limousin x Jim Bob from P and S Sellers. Third spot goes to 275kg Sudden Impulse from K D Harryman.


The continental steer 331-400kg category has been taken by 395kg Limousin x, Pokermon from the Alford, in second is Halfie, a 363kg Limousin x from N E Slack.


In the 401kg and over category, the first prize went to 544kg Drogba from Dermot Small. Dirty Bit, a British Blue x from David Hicks came second and Chalford Manor Classy Lad placed third from D H Plested.


Overall champion continental went to Mr J Smith Jackson with his Limousin steer, Golden Eye, in reserve was Limousin x heifer Daisy from K W Ludgate.